Club Information Membership in the club is around the mid 20's with a fairly balanced mix of ages from 18 on up and a good mix of father/son members. The Club is governed by four officers (one year terms) and five Board of Directors (5 year terms) Accommodation on the club property is open to all club members during the official hunting season. The facility is available for members and their family for personal use during the non hunting season by reserving time with the facility chairman. Membership to the club is limited to males over 18. Members with male children under 18 and taken a hunters safety course have honorary rights with the club until they reach their 18th birthday. Membership in the Club is required and a prospective member must fill out an application and be approved by a vote of the membership at a regular meeting. Initiation fee is $100.00 and dues are paid semi-annually. Members are required to attend one work party or pay an annual assessment fee and be or become a member of the National Rifle Association. Sagtikos Rod and Gun Club Application Sagtikos Rod and Gun Club By-Laws Sagtikos Rod and Gun Club Membership Information and Requirements Sagtikos Rod and Gun Club Check List for Opening and Closing Trailer Sagtikos Rod and Gun Club membership Requirements Greg Keller Montana Whitetail hunt George Keller Montana Whitetail Hunt Duncan Stewart 8 Point Buck Sagtikos Rod and Gun Club Members National Rifle Association Long Island , New York Made with Xara